“Our bodies, our lives, our rights”

It’s a little hard to classify me and my partner and our relationship, under the current LGBT+ nomenclature, which as it stands now is already too complicated for poor unfortunate souls corrupted with cis-heteronormativity (and yes, offence fully intended).
So let me just call ourselves and our relationship queer. I like this word a lot. Short and crisp. Beauty lies in simplicity, as some great mind once said. And it’s got a little quirky vibe to it, which I also like.

What is it like to be queer?
It surely isn’t about just slogans, banners, rainbows and unicorns. It’s about so many things that nobody can enumerate all of them. We struggle and we suffer; and the struggles and sufferings particular to queers are weaved with those that are shared by others. We fight against our own bodies and stumble through our own lives.
My partner and I are no youngsters any more and we’ve got ourselves figured out, kind of, to some extent. Along this not-so-pleasant journey, we’ve made compromises which we otherwise wouldn’t and choices which we sorely regret. But we got to where we are and that alone, i personally think, is an achievement in such a fucking world.

We’re not the kind of role model queers who fight for the rights of their own or their communities. We’re just, sort of, being there. But well, as the cliche goes, our existence is our resistance.


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